Computer assisted mathematics with SageMath

For my research, as well as for teaching or outreach projects, I use SageMath. This is an open-source software developed by a dynamical community of mathematicians!

Using SageMath

The main options to use SageMath are an online server (CoCalc) or the local installation on a computer (instructions and download). I suggest the latter.

Once SageMath is installed on your computer, you can download the introductory worksheets posted below. To open Sagemath in its notebook, the procedure is the following:

Combinatorics with SageMath at ICTP-EAUMP School on Enumerative Combinatorics

I was a lecturer at the 2023 ICTP-EAUMP School on Enumerative Combinatorics in Arusha, Tanzania, a school in partnership with CIMPA happening each year in East Africa (on rotating topics). My course was on using SageMath for combinatorics. You can download individual lectures (with exercises) or a Zip file containing all the material.

Some (old) introductory worksheets - Worked with old versions of SageMath

These worksheets were prepared for various events and worked with previous versions of SageMath. They might not work with the current version.

More worksheets can be found on the French page, but they are in French. For the solutions to these worksheets, email me.

For more challenges, I suggest you try the challenges from the Euler Project.

Four colors with SageMath

A nice picture realized with the use of SageMath, picturing the Four Color Theorem. Here’s a challenge: Find the lake that is not the same color as the oceans. The Four Color Theorem on a Wolrd Map

Contribute to SageMath

You don’t find the features you are looking for in SageMath? Contribute to it or go to SageMath Days.