Computer assisted mathematics with SageMath

For my research, as well as for teaching or outreach projects, I use SageMath. This is an open-source software developed by a dynamical community of mathematicians!

Using SageMath

The main options to use SageMath are an online server (CoCalc) or the local installation on a computer (instructions and download). I suggest the latter.

Once SageMath is installed on your computer, you can download the introductory worksheets posted below. To open Sagemath in its notebook, the procedure is the following:

Combinatorics with SageMath at ICTP-EAUMP School on Enumerative Combinatorics

I was a lecturer at the 2023 ICTP-EAUMP School on Enumerative Combinatorics in Arusha, Tanzania, a school in partnership with CIMPA happening each year in East Africa (on rotating topics). My course was on using SageMath for combinatorics. You can download individual lectures (with exercises) or a Zip file containing all the material.

Four colors with SageMath

A nice picture realized with the use of SageMath, picturing the Four Color Theorem. Here’s a challenge: Find the lake that is not the same color as the oceans. The Four Color Theorem on a Wolrd Map

Contribute to SageMath

You don’t find the features you are looking for in SageMath? Contribute to it or go to SageMath Days.