I’m involved in popularizing mathematics among diverse audiences. For each activity that I lead, no advanced knowledge of mathematics is required.

For everyone

I have been a mathematics guest-host in the radio show L’oeuf ou la poule (in French). With Stéphanie Schanck (and previously with Élise Vandomme), I present every month 7 minutes about mathematical news, a puzzle or a research problem. And this takes part in a show with other passionate scientists! You can listen to some chronicles or all the shows online.

Stéphanie Schanck and I also designed and ran the Maths in the city walking tour (in French). For the last four years, we have used this as an opportunity to present downtown Montreal the way mathematicians see it. This is for adults or teenagers. I also designed a similar activity in Chicago and Trois-Rivières.

For the last couple editions of the 24 hours of science in Montreal, I presented with Pauline Hubert, Mélodie Lapointe, and Fanny Desjardins an activity for an audience of all ages. This was meant to break open the secrets of the mathematics of magic tricks, where amazement meets math learning.

Are you a teacher? Invite me in your classroom!

For high school students, I give, with the support of the Institut des Sciences mathématiques a conference on How mathematics can help you finding the perfect partner! The Maths en ville walking tour is a perfect activity for high schoolers living in Montreal. Also about cities, I really like to talk about traffic, notably about the Braess’s paradox.

For elementary and middle school students, I designed a mathematical play called L’été, c’est mathématique! with Émile Nadeau. Independently, I also have workshops about mathematical aspects of magic and graph theory that are ready to present.